Quick Refund Options

We prefer to give credits as refunds on Japanese-Cards.com. Sometimes, or if you really want, we can refund back to how you paid, decided by us one by one

Before Your Order Ships

You can get credits as refunds for Japanese-Cards.com for pre-orders and things in stock. If you want your money back the way you paid, tell us. We'll think about it for each case. Cancelling costs a 10% fee, but if we mess up, you get all your money back.

If You Want to Return Something

Tell us within 7 days after you get your item if you want to send it back. Items must be just like when you got them. It takes up to 10 days to process a return, and getting your money back might take another 10 days.

We don’t pay for shipping back to us and charge a 10% fee unless we made a mistake. Small package problems or factory defects on cards or products don’t count for returns. Tell us if you need perfect packaging.

Special Rules

Custom orders can't be sent back.

Collectible items’ money back depends on their value when you return them.

Tips to Avoid Problems

Read about card conditions on our site.

We sell cards in Near-Mint or not-so-great condition, with pictures for the not-so-great ones.

Ask us if you want more pictures or have questions.

Keep track of your packages with the shipping company.

Make sure your address is right. We're not responsible if packages go to the wrong place. Try not to use P.O. boxes.

How to Ask for a Return

Get our approval within 7 days of getting your item to send it back in the original box with everything it came with. You pay for shipping and any damage during return. If you send something back without our okay, you might not get all your money back, and it could cost more to send it again.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Booster Boxes & Single Cards

Not happy with a Booster Box or Single Card? Ask us for a refund within 30 days. Keep Booster Boxes sealed and unopened, and show us a photo of any defects on Single Cards.

We don’t take back orders made by mistake, items after 30 days, used items, or unopened products.

If we think refund requests or cancellations are not honest, we might stop serving those customers.

Need Help?

Our team is quick to reply, but sometimes there might be delays because of time zones or Japanese holidays.

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