2023 SV1S Scarlet ex Japanese Booster Box & Case

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Release date January 20, 2023

Each box contains 30 Packs of 5 random cards

This is the first set of the Scarlet & Violet generation TCG, and will introduce the first bit of cards including the new Paldea region. This is a dual set, which means Violet ex and Scarlet ex are two seperate sets.

This set will introduce the new ex mechanic. Pokémon ex cards are confirmed to contain Basic, Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokémon. These have high HP 'rivaling that of Pokémon VMAX' and when these cards are knocked out, they will also give out two prize cards. Koraidon ex, Miraidon ex, Arcanine ex (Tera Type) have been revealed. These Terastal Pokemon cards appear to be textured and have powerful effects.

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