2023 SV3A Raging Surf Japanese Booster Box & Case

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Release date ‎September 22, 2023

Each box contains 30 Packs of 5 random cards

Raging Surf is themed around Tera Garchomp. It hit shelves September 22nd, and it includes 62 cards, not including Secret Rare cards. It continued a feature we saw in Ruler of the Black Flame - the introduction of Tera Pokémon with a Tera type that differs from its standard typing. One Tera Pokémon that we know will have a unique Tera typing in this set will be Tera Garchomp ex. It will be a Water-type, hence the title Raging Surf. Raging Surf will feature Illustration Rares, Special Illustration Rares, Full Art Trainer Supporters, Full Art Pokémon ex and Tera Pokémon ex, and Gold Hyper Rares.

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